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The  Regulatory Reform  ( Fire safety)  Order 2005



On October 1st 2006 the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety order) 2005 became Law and the owner / occupier has a legal duty

to comply by carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment to reduce the risk from Fire and make sure that people can safely escape if there

is a Fire.If you are the responsible person, you must make sure that this is carried out.



It is estimated that Fire costs british industry around £650 million pounds a year.It is not only the financial loss, on average 40% of businesses who experience a major Fire do not survive,70% will fail within a year due to loss of production and business.


It is a Legal requirement under current Fire / Health & Safety Legislation to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises and if you employ five or more people it must be a written assessment.


A Fire Risk Assessment is an organized look at what,in your work activities & work  place could cause harm to people and your business.


Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety audits are concerned with ensuring your workforce and business are safe from Fire and meet the requirements imposed by new Legislation :




Carrying out a fire risk assessment is only one of the requirements.



Employers are also required to:



  •    Provide and maintain the Fire precautions needed to protect people using the work-place.

  •    Provide information, instruction and training to employees about those Fire precautions.







Fire Risk Assessment / Fire Legislation:

legal compliance fire damage

View the Fire Safety Law and guidance documents:

Fire risk assessment FINISHED FIRE RISK CD COVER2

       Fire Risk Assessment CD Rom


              Training CD includes:


  • Full powerpoint presentation

  • Fire risk assessment guidance notes

  • Fire Safety Order, power-point overview

  • Comprehensive fire risk assessment templates.